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How Can Thermal Imaging Solutions Help Keep People Safe?

Thermal imaging technology detects heat rather than visible light. It can detect hot spots and low level combustion long before fire breaks out. It can pre-empt plant break down in high temperature, high friction applications e.g. conveyor belts.

It can ‘see’ through smoke to locate the seat of the fire.

It is of particular use in the following scenarios:

  • Warehousing
  • Fuel storage
  • Combustible piles
  • Waste bunkers
  • Industrial laundries

Thermal imaging technology can provide crucial warnings that fire is imminent in areas of high operating temperature, flammable materials, friction or where decomposition heat is present.

It is a valuable, extra line of defense in fire detection and prevention.

Atlas World have expertise and experience in the supply and installation of thermal imaging systems in a wide range of industries throughout Northern Ireland.


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Fire Extinguishers – Proper Use

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Fire extinguisher best practice:

  • Recharge after every use- the maintenance of fire extinguishers includes recharging the fire extinguisher every time it is used or discarding it if it is a disposable.
  • Fire extinguishers come with an expiry date- it is crucial to monitor the expiry date on extinguishers and replace as a matter of urgency. Rechargeable fire extinguishers need recharged every 6 years whereas disposable extinguishers typically need replaced every 12 years.
  • Different types of extinguishers use different extinguishing agents-there are five types: water, foam spray, CO2, ABC powder and wet chemical. It is essential that the correct type of extinguisher is used, depending on the source of fire in its location.
  • Maintenance – regular inspection of fire extinguishers must be undertaken. Ensure the extinguisher is:
    • Correctly located and specific to the most likely type of fire for the location
    • Fully charged with pin and seal intact
    • Undamaged and untampered with