Plant Suppression

Reasons to install fire suppression on your plant and machinery

Atlas World is sole distributor in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for Reacton Fire Suppression Systems. Fast, efficient, cost-effective automatic fire detection and suppression systems.

Reasons to install fire suppression on your plant and machinery:

  • Safeguard your staff.
  • Protect your assets and property.
  • Early detection and targeted suppression of fire – reducing both local and collateral damage.
  • Reduced clean-up time and rapid return to operation.
  • Reduced downtime and profit loss whilst replacement equipment is sourced.
  • Reduced insurance premiums (recognised by major insurers)


At the heart of Atlas World Fire Suppression is a team of exceptional engineers and a robust, reliable detection and suppression system engineered and developed by Reacton (visit their website

This system offers direct and indirect suppression, giving a choice of local suppression and pre-emptive retardation to prevent potential escalation or reignition.

The system design is flexible and can be individually tailored to provide protection for all your assets.

Installation is quick, meaning your equipment is back on the job with minimum delay. The system is pneumatic, so doesn’t rely on a power source. It is low maintenance, reliable and robust.

Protect your people, property and machinery. Safeguard your productivity.


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