Fire Extinguishers – Proper Use

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Fire extinguisher best practice:

  • Recharge after every use- the maintenance of fire extinguishers includes recharging the fire extinguisher every time it is used or discarding it if it is a disposable.
  • Fire extinguishers come with an expiry date- it is crucial to monitor the expiry date on extinguishers and replace as a matter of urgency. Rechargeable fire extinguishers need recharged every 6 years whereas disposable extinguishers typically need replaced every 12 years.
  • Different types of extinguishers use different extinguishing agents-there are five types: water, foam spray, CO2, ABC powder and wet chemical. It is essential that the correct type of extinguisher is used, depending on the source of fire in its location.
  • Maintenance – regular inspection of fire extinguishers must be undertaken. Ensure the extinguisher is:
    • Correctly located and specific to the most likely type of fire for the location
    • Fully charged with pin and seal intact
    • Undamaged and untampered with

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