Belfast City Council

Belfast City Council

Project Start date: 2020

Project Completion date: Ongoing

To carry out fire risk Assessments throughout the Belfast City Council estate.


  • Atlas fully accredited Fire Risk Assessors were engaged to carry out Fire Risk Assessments in approx. 40 buildings throughout the Belfast City Council Estate.
  • Buildings ranged in size from pprox.. 1000sq m to 90,000 sq m. 
  • Hard copy drawings were issued to enable our assessors to update when surveying each building. These drawings were then submitted as part of the fire risk assessment for review by Belfast City Council’s fire officers and assets managers. 
  • A complete fire door register was supplied as part of the fire risk assessment to enable asset managers to monitor fire door integrity and repairs. 
  • All works were carried out between April and August. This was to fall in line with  the clients budgetary requirements throughout the year to facilitate repairs and any major works required. During works monthly meetings where scheduled keeping all informed.