RiverRidge Recycling

RiverRidge Recycling

Project Start date: 2019

Project Completion date: 2019


Atlas World installs Automatic Aspirating and Purging system into RiverRidge Recycling

This VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) complete with Automatic Aspirating and purging system is the most advanced of its kind to be installed into RiverRidge by one of our expert Atlas World engineers.

Due to the nature of the business many other fire detection systems fail to work properly and very early detection is paramount in the prevention of fire in any industry, however especially the waste industry. RiverRidge tasked Ian Morrow from Cogan and Shackleton to design the system to include an automatic purging system ensuring its performance and minimum maintenance. The purging system is linked to an air compressor which automatically blows pressurised air through the pipework at six hourly intervals.

The pulsating effect of the air that is pushed through ensures that even persistent dirt is stripped from the inside of the piping network and sampling holes. Removing contaminants or dust avoids false alarms before it is processed by the aspirating units to ensure that #premises #people and #property at RiverRidge are all protected from the risk of #fire.

Don Mc Colgan, Group Maintenance & Facilities Manager at RiverRidge said,

“We tasked Cogan and Shackleton and Atlas World with the professional design and installation of a VESDA. We are confident they have provided us with an optimum solution for our business protection and continuity which is essential in the industry we operate.”