What are The Types of Fever Screening Solutions Available?

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Thermal fever screening solutions can help in early detection of high temperatures. These measures are necessary in the current growing pandemic times in order to keep the people safe. Whether you have a store that you want to monitor, or a hospital or an office or factory, there are different types of thermal solutions available in the market to suit your particular needs. A list of the different thermal fever screening solutions is given below:

Professional fever screening thermal solutions:
The Hikvision thermal screening systems are powerful tools that can detect high temperatures from a distance of 3-5m. These systems are made from the latest technology and are highly effective and accurate.

Advantages of a professional fever screening thermal solution are:
• The systems have a thermal resolution of 384*288 which provide more image detail and wider coverage area for measuring temperatures.
• The 15mm thermal lens provides a screening range of 3-5 meters, fitting for long range use. Additionally, these lenses can also be used with handheld thermographic cameras.
• The accuracy of these cameras is ±0.5℃, which satisfies the fever screening requirements.
• The systems also support 4MP optical channels, satisfying the regular monitoring requirements.

Economical fever screening solutions:

• The range of a economical fever screening camera is shorter than that of a professional or high end screening solution. The recommended screening range is 0.8 – 1.5 meter for a 3mm camera.
• Economical screening solutions can detect temperatures of upto 30 people at a time.
• They also have reduced false alarms triggered by AI face recognition technology.