Christmas is undoubtedly a daunting time of year for many UK businesses; with customer demands increasing, forcing business owners to increase and hold stock. Unfortunately the fact is that your business premises are an attractive prospect to thieves.

Don’t leave it too late – Atlas World can protect your Organisation

You have invested a great deal of time, energy and money in your business and want to protect your livelihood as best you can. That said, burglars are cunning and make it their business to find ways to gain entry to your premises.

But rest assured, Atlas World have got lots of advice on how to deter burglars:

1. Install an alarm system to your business premises
There are two main types of security alarm system: monitored and unmonitored. An unmonitored alarm will simply emit a loud sound which will alert those nearby and potentially scare away the culprit, while a monitored alarm will also contact both a designated key holder and the local police whenever it is set off, providing an extra level of protection.

Atlas World can provide a FREE site survey, were one of our qualified engineers can call out to your premises to carry out a security assessment. By alarming all points of entry and putting up signs that says the premises’ is protected can significantly decrease the likelihood of trespassers.

2. Invest in a CCTV system
Police Service of Northern Ireland says; “CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems are an important security aspect for your business and can help us with your criminal investigation. It is recommended that all businesses install a CCTV system whether it is for basic monitoring or a high resolution security system that can lead to identification or prosecution.”

A video surveillance system equipped with high resolution video cameras, DVR or NVR with a security grade hard drive, and real-time alerts and remote viewing, enables you to conveniently and effectively monitor your location.

Additionally, a high quality surveillance system enables you to record activity and produce crisp detailed video that you can use as evidence if a theft or unwanted incident were to occur.

3. Making sure there is adequate external lighting
It may seem like common sense, but installing proper lighting both indoors and out is instrumental for protecting your business from theft, accidents and other unwanted incidences. Installing lighting above theft-prone areas such as entrances, exits, warehouses, loading docks is a first line of defence for deterring theft.

4. Invest in an IP-based Access Control Solution
IP-based access control helps prevent unauthorized access and enables you to secure physical entrances, exits, gates, and interior and exterior doors at your location. You get to see and control who comes and goes at your facility and have the ability to go into lockdown mode in order to secure an area during emergency situations.

IP-based access control provides a flexible security solution with easy and convenient management and administrative maintenance. IP-based access control is also highly-scalable and enables you to easily and cost-effectively add more access control devices to more doors on your network as your business needs grow.

5. Frequently test your Alarm Systems and Surveillance Equipment
It’s a good idea to frequently test your alarm system and your surveillance equipment on a regular basis to ensure it’s working optimally.

After Atlas World has installed a system, you can rely on the maintenance and servicing support provided by our team of qualified engineers and 24/7 customer service desk.

Our business is to protect your world
Atlas World provides a full range of fire and security solutions, from initial design through to installation, commissioning and maintenance.

We invest heavily in training our staff and developing our product range to ensure that we are ahead of the game with the latest technologies.

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