How Atlas World Employees Are Working From Home

Learn how the staff at Atlas World have adopted online communication technologies to keep on working during Covid-19

Atlas World & Zoom

In these unprecedented times, where the whole world has come to a halt most organisations and firms have chosen the path of remote working. This allows us follow the governments advice on social distancing to keep our staff safe and still provide essential services to hospitals.
At Atlas World we have decided to follow the same protocol and the majority of our employees are working from home. While our offices are still run by a skeleton crew. Teamwork and meetings still need to be conducted while social distancing. Coming up with a solution to main cohesion within the teams was essential to continue to run our operations

That’s when we decided to use the Zoom app. This is a video communications app which lets people connect anywhere around the world. Here are a few benefits of using the Zoom app that you should know:

1) Easy and Quick Invite – Through zoom a meeting request can be set in seconds. Invitees can be added through the contact or email section. You simply select an email address you would like to invite or directly invite a member from your contact list. This is a great way of inviting internal as well external guests.

2) Record Meeting – The meetings conducted can be recorded live. This way you can always visit the recording or share with your team members for them to re-visit the key and essential points discussed in the meeting. This can be a very useful feature because an employee can always watch the meeting and catch up with the discussion in case if they were unable to attend.

3) Share/Present your screen – This feature lets you share what is on your screen with others. This feature makes it super easy and handy to cast your screen and share your work with your colleagues and bosses. This enables us to continue sharing presenting new ideas and our work with each other.

4) Meeting Rooms – You must be wondering how do we do private meetings amongst teams? The meeting room feature lets you separate teams or group members into different meeting rooms where they can have a private discussion and brainstorm ideas. This provides a sense of privacy for any discussion that is crucial or important.

5) Slack – If you are using a work management tool like Slack, the integration of slack and zoom go hand in hand. All you need to do is just search for zoom in slack and Voila! off you go.

Technology always enables you to move forward, this is how we’re fighting the emergency and moving on with our daily routine of work while having some fun. Hope you are safe and getting on well with remote working too. If you are struggling to cope with working from home, we recommend you try zoom.